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Reach customers through user journeys and campaigns over email, SMS,

push notifications and other mediums.

Realtime triggers as well as scheduled campaigns create conversations with customers on a contextual basis with higher conversion rates.


Create campaigns that run against real-time triggers, scheduled or on the fly. Campaigns provide feedback while they run allowing the user to view real-time statistics as well as make changes if required.


Soldi allows for the combination of segments in a single campaign.

Shoppers, building a flat pack, teamwork in the cloud.


Support is extensive for multiple loyalty types​.

More complex user journeys are supported through a visual interface. The user drops components on a grid and builds the user journey as per the requirement.


Multi path and multi outcome user journeys provide the flexibility to create campaigns that provide rich conversations, outcomes and provide value to customers.

Awarding loyalty and attaching messages to customers triggered against transactional, loyalty and other events provides a limitless experience.

Customer, shopping on a mobile phone, walking, cloud.




Push Notifications

Soldi provides multiple channels to reach customers.


Client monitoring data from within their Soldi analytics portal.

Manage content through our intuitive solution.


Images, articles, surveys and the representation of loyalty are some of the asset types within Soldi.


The representation of how vouchers/coupons, stamp cards and gamification badges and progress are managed centrally.

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